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Solid, flexible financial plans allow you to prepare for your future. Get professional advice on building and following your plan with Greenway.

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Whats included in your free financial review

Your financial priorities

Clear overview of your current situation

3 achievable financial goals

Our recommendations

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How Do I Make My Plan?

Greenway Financial Advisors asks the right questions about your goals, aims, and current situation. We help out when you feel stuck and get you and your finances on track.

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Why Work With A Financial Advisor On Your Plan?

Financial advisors are impartial and indepenent. When you contact us we offer no judgement on your personal situation, just good sound advice.

All of your communication with us is held in the strictest confidence. We never discuss any of your personal details with anyone else. 

All of our financial advisors are qualifed financial advisors (QFA). Greenway financial advisors is registered with the central bank.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Greenway provides a Financial Review for free. It will answer the questions that you have about your goals.

You’ll be able to clearly see your priorities, and the steps you need to take. We’re also available to answer your questions about the plan.

We do offer others paid plans that offer more detail with a higher level of personal analysis and budgeting/saving support.

Our free financial review is the perfect place to start from.