Minimum Premium: €10 per month

Maximum Term: 40 years

Are children covered? No

Can I put my partner on the policy? Yes

Applicants must be:

  • 18-74 for beginning a Zurich Life Cover policy

Cover expires at:

  • 84 for Life Cover
  • 74 for Specified Illness Cover

Specified Illnesses Covered?

  • 47 full payment illnesses/conditions
  • 20 partial payment illnesses/conditions

Children’s Specific Illness Cover?

  • The lower of €25,000, or half your cover, on full payment illnesses
  • The lower of €7,500, or half your cover, on partial payment illnesses

Is there a Conversion option? No

  • Max age for Conversion is: N/A

Rolling Conversion Option? No

Optional Flexibility? No

Guaranteed Insurability? Yes

Reinstatement? Yes

Temporary Accidental Death Benefit? Yes

Terminal Illness Benefit? Yes

Waiver of Premium Option? Yes

Other Benefits?

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