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Midlife Finance Check

1. Retirement Health Checks.

2. Is Your Pension Enough?

3. Helping Your Children With Their Future.

4. Protecting Your Family When You're Gone.

5. Estate Planning.

1. Retirement health checks.

It’s time to assess and get to grips with your current retirement situation. If you already have retirement packages, it’s time to really understand them. If you’re still building, or just starting, it’s time to get a tight, sustainable plan for building your future stability. 

2. Is your pension enough?

It’s time to check your status. How will your current pension perform when you’re retired? This is an opportunity to take account of your current expenditure, and ensure that your pension will be adequate to deal with your requirements. It’s not just about contributions to your pension, it’s also about time-lining an end to any debts and obligations you may have, while you still have your working income. 

3. Helping your children with their future.

The desire to help your family never goes away, even when your family have children of their own. If you’re planning to give financial gifts to your children, it’s important to know what both your, and their tax liabilities will be. We can help you find solutions to structure these gifts, potentially manage this liability. 

4. Protecting your family when you're gone.

There will always be loose ends when someone dies. A financial tangle can arise for many reasons, and the Irish Probate system can take a very long time to release your assets. Ensuring you have both a valid will, and a plan for your funeral, including how to manage those costs, will be a huge help to your family. 

5. Estate planning.

The words ‘estate planning’ can conjure ideas of country houses, and large amounts of money. In reality, we all have an estate, and plans for how we would like it to be distributed after our deaths. Taking some time to figure out where it will go can allow you to plan for inheritance tax liabilities. Planning now will make settling your estate much easier for those you love. 

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