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Consumers make better choices when they have all the facts, costs and risks associated with each option. A qualified financial advisor can help you make these decisions.

As a financial advisor we approach every client as an individual. Creating custom financial plans to suit their life. We’re so sure we can help you, if you don’t save the cost of your financial plan in 12 months we’ll refund our fee.*

*Terms & Conditions apply


Take the guesswork out of your finances. Get expert, qualified financial advice, talk to a financial advisor today .

Business Growth Services

We have over 40 years of experience in delivering results for businesses of all sizes with our business growth systems

Mortgage Protection

All major providers compared with quick application process & expert advice for a qualified financial advisor.

Life Insurance

You insure your home & car. Insure the most important thing, your life. Protect your family in the event of sudden death or illness. 


You’re the best person to plan for your retirement, and right now is a great time to start. Pension contributions start from as little as €25 per month.


Getting your mortgage can be one of the most stressful times in your life. As a broker we can help you with get prepared for your mortgage

Family firm – Trustworthy advice

Financial Advisor Dublin | Business Growth Services | Pensions | Life Insurance | Mortgage Protection

We help you manage your money & safeguard your future. A financial advisor provides financial planning services and gives you advice on savings, budgeting, personal insurance, pensions and mortgages. 

If you have questions, please give us a call or an email. Greenway Financial Advisors Ltd. is regulated by the Central Bank. As a financial advisor, we offer fee and non-fee financial advice on all of life’s major financial decisions.

You should look for a financial advisor when organising mortgages, looking into pensions, life protection or investment strategies. Greenway financial advisors can help you develop a short, medium and longterm plan to help you ensure a strong financial future.


Brendan L

I had the very good fortune of receiving some advice from Greenway Financial Advisor’s, their in-depth and knowledgeable advice was above and beyond what I had hoped for.

They were incredibly friendly, professional, efficient, and most importantly helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a financial advisor.

Martina F

Having stepped out of the PAYE system years ago I was a self-employed businesswoman building my profile and career independently…I let things slip, LIKE MY PENSION!

Adrian and the guys at Greenway were fantastic when I needed a financial advisor. I was met with a depth of knowledge, and a caring, professional approach to getting my set up with the best options for me.

Enid M

I recently changed my mortgage protection insurance with Greenway Financial Advisors. This was the easiest process of getting quoted and putting a policy in place that I have ever experienced.

Debbie was available at any time to answer my queries and she has great knowledge and expertise with the insurance products they offer and she didn’t blind me with jargon. I’m delighted to have found a financial advisor I can trust.

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