Financial Advice 

Financial Advice is advice given by a professional, authorised financial advisor to help you make decisions about products and actions.

It’s the crucial first step in taking action over your financial life. A qualified advisor can help you to find the most suitable financial product for your individual circumstances.

When you’re deciding who to get financial advice from, look for advisors who can give broad advice, across a range of products, and arrange these products for you.

They are sometimes known as a ‘Multi-agency Intermediary’, (read more at the CCPC). For mortgages, insurance products, investments and pensions, make sure that your advisor is authorised by Central Bank.

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

When Should You Get Financial Advice?

When you have a big decision to make, or your life is changing, there’s a lot of information for you to look at before you can make that change.

  • Should you save, or invest your money?
  • What are your mortgage options?
  • Which insurance is right for you?
  • Big life changes, like weddings and starting a family
  • Looking after and planning for your retirement
  • Planning your long-term saving and budgeting
How Does Financial Advice Work?

When two options look extremely similar, financial advice you can trust will allow you to make the best decision for yourself.

Emma needs life insurance. She’s gotten three quotes, and they all cost roughly the same. How does she choose? She’s tempted to go for the cheapest, because it’s hard to know what the difference is.

This is where financial advice helps.

Emma’s financial advisor knows all these products well, and asks her a few extra questions. Her financial advisor is able to tell her the difference between those insurance policies, and how they affect her.

The choice is still completely up to Emma, and she decides to go for the second cheapest policy, because it gives a funeral payment. Her father died two years ago, and her mother had to take out a credit union loan for the funeral costs. Emma doesn’t want her family to go through that, and the difference in price was minimal.

Being asked a couple of extra questions allowed Emma’s advisor to understand her situation better. Now Emma has a policy that fits her circumstances, due to the financial advice she received.

Who Needs Financial Advice?

Everyone. Whether you’re sorting out your Mortgage Protection at the last minute, or you want a full review of your current situation, being able to ask an impartial expert makes a difference.

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