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Business consultant Ireland. Get experienced business advice from a source you can trust. Over 40 years of business experience in Ireland. We have worked in numerous industries and companies from 1 to 500 employees. Get a business consultant now for your small business.

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Business Consultant, Who Needs One?

Every business owner or manager needs help sometimes. Most people start a business because they are an expert in one particular area. They may not have the range of skills needed to manage their business efficiently and maximise their profit. Our small business advice can help you.

This is not unusual, most small business owners lead with their experience. When challenges present themselves it may be the first time the business owner has ever had to deal with the specific problem. Small business owners are frequently too close to their businesses and can’t see the issues in front of them.

If you’re a business owner and feel like your business is slipping out of control, or you’re feeling stuck, and need some guidance, talk to us today.

Do any of these describe you and your business? 




Don't know how to manage?




Business is totally dependent on you?


Feeling stuck and getting nowhere?


Working 60+ hours a week and never catching up?

Types of businesses we work with.
  • Construction.
  • Electrical.
  • Distribution.
  • Financial Services.
  • Retail: Online & Bricks and Mortar.
  • B2B or B2C.
  • Limited Companies & Sole Traders.

Don't wait - deal with it now.

Call us now to discuss your businesses needs. All contact is 100% confidential.

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What our business consultants cover

Tried and tested over 40 years in business, our complete results-driven practical business growth plan can be tailored to any business model.

Our 7 Pillars of Profitability, when correctly applied, will save you money on costs. You can develop your customer base and revenue streams. You’ll get help to manage, grow and develop your management structures.

Along with our support & guidance in the practicable running of your business, over a short period of time, you will get steady business growth while learning to balance your own needs more.

1. Company Structure

  • Right physical structure.
  • Right communication methods 
  • Mission statement 
  • 1 yr / 3 yr / 5 yr plans.
  • Know your competitors.
  • What are you good/bad at?

2. Management Structure

  • Management Structure.
  • Getting correct information.
  • Clear & simple reporting systems.
  • Ability to quickly review all operations, respond to threats and opportunities.

3. Sales

  • Know your customers.
  • Growing the right kind of customer.
  • Forecast effectively.
  • Measure & track your sales.
  • Get your margins right.

4. Accounts

  • Are you completing monthly accounts?
  • Do you know all your costs?
  • Managing cash flow.
  • Preparing annual accounts.
  • Managing expenses.
  • Manging debtors.

5. Efficient Operations

  • Measure your time.
  • Link tasks to profitability.
  • Are you really working or spinning your wheels?
  • Managing staff for optimal efficiency.

6. Marketing

  • How do you get your customers?
  • Finding the right customer.
  • What are there needs?
  • How do you address those needs?
  • Look for alternative income streams.

7. Future-proofing your business

  • Develop products or services around recurring payments?
  • Sell multiple times to the same customer.
meet adrian 1


Qualified Financial Advisor, QFA | Business Consultant
Managing Director, Greenway Financial Advisors

Adrian Gallagher has over 40 years of experience across a range of businesses. He began his career in the oil recycling & distribution business. He and his fellow shareholders gradually built that business until it had over 500 people employed across Ireland, England and Scotland.

He and his partners then successfully sold this company to a major energy PLC and continued to work in the business at board level.

Adrian has also held high-level operations roles in the publishing, events and media industry. Software companies, multiple oil distribution companies, financial services and the construction industry.

Whatever the size of the business, from 3 employees to 300, Adrian has experience in delivering results and can help you do the same with your own business.

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