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Experienced Business Consultants in Dublin

Get help from experienced business consultants in Ireland and reap the advantages. Find out what we do and how we can improve your company.

By taking a fresh look at your business, our experienced marketing consultants in Dublin can bring new ideas and innovative approaches that could improve profitability and grow your business.

We support and encourage business owners to make the changes needed to develop and grow their businesses.

Business consultant

Running a business is a lonely place and sometimes owners don’t know what to do. We have 40+ years experience in running businesses from startup to 350 employees.

Results You Can Achieve


Client A Construction Sector 14 months profits increased by 148%


Client B Service sector in 9 months profits increased by 40%


Client C IT Sector in 12 months profits increased by 32%.

Business Consultancy Review

We started working with Greenway Financial in early 2020 and have done nothing but go from strength to strength with their knowledge and expertise in all avenues on how to run your business properly and in the right direction.

These guys are always on hand to help and answer any questions that we have and are patient and their guidance is second to none. The confidence they give you to strive and grow your business is amazing.

Tracy | Construction Client 7 Employees


Business Consultancy Review

I began working with Greenway Financial in January 2021, and the effect they have had on my business has been extraordinary.

They have helped me to structure a concise business plan, devise sales strategies, and have always been available for advice upon request – all the while being a lovely group of people to deal with.

Since working with Greenway I have seen growth in both profitability and productivity. I could not recommend the services of Greenway Financial enough.

Finan | Sole Trader Services Provider


Business Consultancy Review

Greenway Financial advisors provide a top-class level of service.

Their attention to detail is second to none and they will painstakingly explain each step of your journey with them guaranteeing you the very best experience.

For any financial queries, big or small Adrian and his team will ensure you get the desired result.

Norah | B2B & B2C Business 7 Employees

Our Strategic Planning Services

Who Uses Our Business Consultants in Dublin?

Sole Traders Business Consultancy

Sole Traders

  • Health check on your business.
  • Look for quick wins and avoiding any disasters.
  • Strategy to grow your business.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Tools to increase efficiencies.
Limited Companies Business Consultancy

Limited Companies

  • Strengthen decision making.
  • Developing processes & systems for increased efficiency.
  • Dealing with specific business operation problems.
  • Succession planning or sale of the business.
Startup Ideas Business Consultancy

Start Ups

  • Business modelling and feasibility.
  • How to get a business idea off the ground.
  • Realistic business financial planning.
  • Planning business priorities for best chance to succeed.

Quick Wins & Avoid Disasters Audit


  • Pricing System in place.
  • What margin is the business making?
  • Are there sales areas that are more profitable?
  • Are all quotes for large sales double-checked?
  • Quotes turnaround time?
Cash Flow

  • Are debtors up to date?
  • Review debtors and put an action plan into place to bring in overdue cash.

Overhead & Cost Control

  • Are they assets in the business that can be sold or financed?
  • Can we get better credit terms from suppliers?
  • Are there expensive loans that we can pay off?
  • A quick review of overheads – Can any costs be eliminated?
  • How can you stop unauthorised expenditures?
  • Who has access to the bank accounts?
  • Is payroll checked and hours of work signed off?
Staff Efficiency

  • Are remote working staff properly monitored?
  • Are staff efficiently rostered?
  • What gaps are in the management system?
  • How can the Managing Director save time?

Management Efficiency

  • Are there weekly structured management meetings?
  • Are monthly accounts done?
  • Is there a stock control system?

Why Hire A Business Consultant in Ireland?

Hiring our business consultant is an effective way to gain insight and advice from experts in their field.

With our knowledge and experience that our consultants bring, we are able to spot problems and develop strategies quickly. By learning how our experts can help your company, you can enjoy all the advantages they offer.

Our business consultants can help business owners make informed decisions to ensure future success. When it comes to getting help for your business, hiring a Greenway business consultant can be just the ticket.

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7 Steps to grow your business

1: Understand your business.

2: Quick profit wins & avoid disasters.

3: Agree on a strategic plan & put it into action.

4: Management Reporting Systems & Monthly accounts.

5: 90-Day Plans & Issue Lists.

6: Sales & Marketing Plans.

7: Managing Sales / Work Flow & Cash management.

7 Steps

Continue with Our Business Consultancy Services

We bring Discipline and Accountability to your Management Team.

We provide proven experienced management skills with a combined 50+ years in business.

We solve problems by creating efficient workflows & processes.

Running a business is a lonely place. We provide unbiased advice for the owners to make the best decisions for their businesses.

24/7 emergency phone advice service. We’re available in the event of a crisis or emergency to offer guidance and support.

Greenway Internal Management Team

Adrian Gallagher Profile Photo

Adrian Gallagher

Managing Director & Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA)

Adrian Gallagher has over 40 years of experience across a range of businesses. He began his career in the oil recycling & distribution business.

He and his fellow shareholders gradually built that business until it had over 500 people employed across Ireland, England and Scotland.

He and his partners then successfully sold this company to a major energy PLC and continued to work in the business at the board level.

Adrian has also held high-level operations roles in the publishing, events and media industry. Software companies, multiple oil distribution companies, financial services and the construction industry.

Whatever the size of the business, from 3 employees to 300, Adrian has experience in delivering results and can help you do the same with your own business.

Ian Gallagher Profile Photo

Ian Gallagher

Business Advisor

Ian was born in Portlaoise and studied creative digital media. He has worked for a number of businesses that heavily focused on customer experience. His primary role in Greenway is to manage all our online technology and customer relationships systems.

Having worked in a number of industries, Ian has specialised in customer experience and building customer relationships.

Ian strongly believes that online offering does not need to be a “one size fits all” offering. The customer can be offered a unique service tailored to their needs. In this way customers can get excellent service at affordable prices.

Debbie Cheevers Profile Photo

Debbie Cheevers

Tax Technician & Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA)

Debbie was born in Dublin and graduated from NCAD with a degree in Visual Communication. She brings a strong customer service background to Greenway.

Debbie qualified as APA in 2017 and a fully qualified financial advisor (QFA) in 2018. She believes that product knowledge is key to helping customers make the right choices.

In 2022 Debbie gained a tax qualification as a Technician Member of the Irish Taxation Institute.

In her spare time, Debbie is a member of an Improv Team.

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Step 2: Information

Our advisors will take some information about your situation from you to make sure we can help.

Step 3: Advice

Our business consultants will prepare a proposal on how we can help achieve your goals.

Reliable Marketing Consultants in Dublin

Ultimately, our successful business consultants in Ireland can provide guidance to our clients during all stages of the business cycle.

We are excellent strategists and problem solvers who can help make sound decisions that will bring short-term solutions and long-term growth.

With our skilful insights, our business consultants can identify areas of improvement that can help create lasting success in the organization.

Our business consultants in Dublin can have a tremendous impact on an organization and its bottom line, as they help to reign in wasteful spending, identify creative solutions to challenges and create plans for growth.

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