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How Does a Directors Pension Work?

A Directors Pension is a specialised private pension scheme designed specifically for company directors. It’s established by your company for your benefit, enabling you to save for retirement in a tax-efficient manner. Unlike standard private pensions, a Directors Pension offers greater control over contribution levels, investment choices, and the timing of benefit access.

With a Directors Pension, you can tailor your retirement savings plan to your specific financial situation and goals, ensuring a more personalised approach to retirement planning. You can choose from a wide range of funds, changing your investment strategy over time, and working with your financial advisor to stay on track for retirement.


How to Set Up a Directors Pension?

Setting up a Directors Pension can be a straightforward process with the right guidance. Here are the steps to follow with Greenway Financial Advisors:


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Personalised Assessment

During the consultation, we’ll assess your financial situation. We’ll consider your income, goals, and preferences to advise on the best pension option for you.

Simplified Paperwork Process

Our team will fill out and submit the necessary paperwork for you, based on your provided info. You’ll just have to review and sign. We’ll manage all communication with your chosen pension provider to get questions answered quickly.

Tailored Investment Strategy

We’ll help you choose an investment strategy that suits your pension fund. Your risk profile and expected returns are our top priority in this planning stage.

Regular Monitoring and Adjustments

Your pension fund requires ongoing attention. We’ll monitor its performance regularly and give guidance, while processing any changes you wish to make.

Accessing Your Pension Benefits

When you reach retirement age, or earlier if desired, we’ll assist you in accessing your pension benefits. Our aim is to make the process smooth and beneficial for you.

Why Opt for a Directors Pension in Ireland?

Choosing the right pension plan is crucial for directors in Ireland. A Directors Pension offers unique benefits compared to standard pension schemes, making it an attractive option for those at the directorate level.

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Enhanced Contribution Limits

In Ireland, a proprietary director’s pension allows your company to make higher contributions than the personal contribution limits available through your salary. This is particularly beneficial for those with higher salaries and longer service, offering a more robust retirement saving plan.

Directors Lump Sum Options

In most personal pensions, you can take 25% of the fund as a lump sum. However, with a directors’ pension, you can take up to 150% of your final salary as a lump sum, if you have 10 years of service.

Diverse Investment Options

A directors executive pension typically offers a wider range of investment options. This diversity allows directors to tailor their investment strategies to better meet their individual financial goals and risk preferences.

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Flexibility in Accessing Funds

One of the key benefits of a directors executive pension is the flexibility it offers in terms of accessing your pension funds. Eligible individuals can access their pension from age 50, offering an earlier retirement option compared to other pension plans.

    Simplified Pension Management

    Setting up a directors’ pension for your company allows you to consolidate your other existing pensions into a single plan. This simplification makes it easier to manage and monitor retirement savings, providing a more streamlined approach to financial planning. You’ll have less paperwork at retirement.

    Tax Benefits

    Directors’ Pensions are offered by Life Insurance companies, giving you access to their range of unit-linked funds, and their Master Trust to look after administration. You’ll still benefit from the tax-free growth guaranteed for pension savings while you build up your fund.

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    What are the Tax Implications of a Directors Pension?

    A Directors Pension is a highly tax-efficient retirement savings method. Below are the key tax benefits associated with this type of pension:

    Corporation Tax Deduction

    Your company can significantly benefit from tax deductions. Contributions made to your pension can be deducted from the corporation tax bill, provided they align with your salary and service.

    Personal Tax Relief

    As part of your directors executive pension, you’re entitled to claim tax relief on personal contributions. This relief is calculated based on your age and salary, up to a max salary of €115,000.

    Age Max Contribution % of Salary
    Under 30 15%
    30 – 39 20%
    40 – 49 25%
    50 – 54 30%
    55 – 59 35%
    60 + 40%

    Tax-Free Growth

    The funds in your pension grow free from income tax and capital gains tax. This exemption allows you to maximise your returns over the long term.

    Tax-Free Lump Sum

    A notable benefit of a directors pension in Ireland is the ability to take up to 25% of your pension fund as a tax-free lump sum, subject to a lifetime limit of €200,000. In some cases, if you have 10 years of service, you can choose to take 150% of your final salary as your lump sum.

    Flexible Pension Utilisation

    Post-retirement, you have options on how to use your remaining pension fund. Choices include buying an annuity, investing in an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF), or taking it as a taxable lump sum.

    Efficient Wealth Transfer

    Passing on your pension fund to beneficiaries can be done in a tax-efficient manner. If you pass away before age 75, the fund can be distributed as a lump sum or income to your spouse or children, free of income tax. After age 75, the distribution is subject to income tax at the recipient’s marginal rate or as an income, subject to income tax and USC.

    Ready to Plan Your Directors Pension in Ireland?

    Planning your Directors Pension in Ireland is a significant step towards a secure and prosperous retirement.

    At Greenway Financial Advisors, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being a director. Our team of experts is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your pension plan is tailored to your individual needs and aligned with your business goals.

    Contact us today to start planning for a successful future.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Directors Pension?

    A Directors Pension is a private pension scheme set up by a company for the benefit of its directors. It allows directors to save for retirement in a tax-efficient manner, offering more flexibility and control over contributions and investments than standard pension plans.

    Who is Eligible for a Directors Pension?

    Directors of a company, including managing directors, executive directors, and sometimes non-executive directors, are typically eligible for a Directors Pension. Eligibility may depend on the company’s pension policy and the director’s role within the company.

    How are contributions made to a Directors Pension?

    Contributions to a Directors Pension can be made by both the director (as personal contributions) and the company (as employer contributions). These contributions are usually tax-deductible and can vary based on the director’s salary and service.

    What are the advantages of an Executive Pension over a Personal Pension?

    An Executive Pension, often available to company directors, offers higher contribution limits, more tax relief opportunities, and greater flexibility in investment choices compared to a Personal Pension.

    Who approves a Directors Pension?

    A Directors Pension is typically approved by the company’s board of directors and must comply with regulations set by the Pensions Authority in Ireland. It may also require approval from the Revenue Commissioners for tax purposes.

    What do I need to set up a Directors Pension?

    To set up a Directors Pension, you’ll need to choose a pension scheme, complete the necessary paperwork, decide on contribution levels, and select investment options. It’s advisable to work with a financial advisor for guidance through this process.

    Can I buy a property through my pension?

    Yes, in certain types of Directors Pensions, such as a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), you can invest in commercial property. This can be a tax-efficient way to grow your pension fund, but it’s important to understand the rules and risks involved. Please let us know if you want to discuss this option, as it’s a complex area.

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