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Partnership Protection Insurance secures your business’ continuity and safeguards your shared success against unexpected circumstances.

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What is Partnership Protection Insurance?

Partnership Protection Insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to protect a business in the event of the death of one of the partners.

The proceeds of this insurance policy helps ensure that the remaining partners can acquire the departing partner’s interest without needing to sell off the company assets.

It provides a financial safety net that allows for business operations to continue smoothly, minimising disruption and financial instability. Essentially, this insurance safeguards the business’ future, maintaining its value and operational integrity during transitions or crises.


Who Needs Partnership Protection Insurance?

Partnership Protection Insurance is crucial for any business entity formed with two or more partners. It is particularly vital for small to medium-sized companies where the sudden loss of a partner could harm the business. This insurance is recommended for partnerships where each partner plays a significant role in the company’s operation and profitability.

Businesses in professional services like law firms, medical practices, and consulting firms, where individual expertise and client relationships are important, also stand to benefit greatly. By securing Partnership Insurance, these organisations can reduce the risks associated with the unexpected death of a key partner, ensuring continuity and financial stability.

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Key Features of Partnership Protection Insurance For Your Business

Partnership Protection Insurance offers several key features that help protect the stability and continuity of your business during unexpected changes. Here’s a closer look at these essential features:

Financial Security

This insurance ensures that the business has the necessary funds to buy out a departing partner’s share without financial hardship. It provides a lump sum payment, which can be crucial in maintaining business operations and preventing the need for external financing.

Flexibility in Coverage

The coverage can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each partnership. Whether it’s adjusting the sum insured or choosing between different types of coverage for death, disability, or critical illness, this flexibility ensures that the insurance solution fits the unique structure and requirements of your business.

Tax Efficiency

The proceeds of partnership insurance are NOT subject to Capital Gains Tax, or to Capital Acquisition Tax, provided all the necessary agreements are in place.

Streamlined Succession Planning

This insurance plays a crucial role in succession planning. 

It simplifies the transition of ownership and management by providing the financial means to facilitate a buyout. 

This ensures that the business continues to operate smoothly with minimal disruptions.

Legal and Contractual Support

Most policies are associated by a buy-sell agreement, which is a legally binding agreement that declares how the interests of a departing partner will be handled. 

This agreement provides a clear roadmap for remaining partners, reducing conflicts and ensuring that all parties adhere to agreed terms during the transition.


How Does Partnership Protection Insurance Work?

With Partnership Protection Insurance, each partner insures the other. If one of the partners dies a lump sum will be released, allowing the deceased person’s share of the partnership to be bought from their next-of-kin.

Review Your Partnership Agreement

The existing partnership agreement may need to be amended, or a separate agreement drafted, to provide for the purchase and sale of a deceased partner’s share of the business on death.

You can use a ‘Double Option’ agreement.

These options are:

  1. The surviving partners have the option to compel the deceased partner’s family to sell their inherited share of the partnership
  2. The deceased partner’s family have the option to compel the surviving partners to purchase their inherited share of the partnership.

Setting Up the Policy

When setting up Partnership Protection Insurance, each partner is assessed individually to determine their coverage needs based on their stake in the business and personal factors like age and health. This ensures that the insurance accurately reflects each partner’s value to the company.

Premium Payments

Payment of premiums will be made by the individual members, or on their behalf by the company or partnership out of the individual’s own company or partnership account. The cost of the premiums depends on the cost to insure the other partner.

Claim Process

In the event of a claim, the insurance company provides a lump sum payment to the remaining partners or the partnership itself. This capital is essential to ensure the business can continue operations and buy out the departing partner’s share without financial strain.

Buy-Sell Agreement

A key component is often a buy-sell agreement, legally binding the remaining partners to use the insurance payout to buy the departing partner’s interest in the business.

This agreement ensures that the process is handled smoothly and according to pre-agreed terms, protects the business’ continuity and the partners’ interests.

It also provides guidelines as to what happens next for the deceased partner’s family & next of kin, which can make the process less stressful.

How to Choose the Right Partnership Protection Insurance?

Assess Your Business Needs

Begin by evaluating the roles and contributions of each partner.

Consider the potential impact on your business if a key partner were unable to continue their role.

This assessment will help determine the level of cover for partnership necessary to protect the business’s operations and financial health.

Compare Policy Features

Look at different insurance providers and compare the features of their Partnership Protection policies.

Focus on coverage options, claim processes, premiums, and any exclusions or limitations.

Choosing a policy that offers comprehensive coverage tailored to your partnership structure is crucial for addressing partnership liability insurance.

Review Buy-Sell Agreements

Ensure that the insurance is aligned with any existing buy-sell agreements among the partners.

These agreements dictate how partnership interests are handled if a partner leaves the business, so your insurance should support the terms outlined in these agreements.

Seek Our Professional Advise

Finally, consult with our financial advisors and insurance specialists.  We fully understand partnership dynamics and can provide insights tailored to your specific situation.

Our advice will guide you in selecting a policy that offers the best protection and value for your partnership.

We ensure partnership insurance eligibility and potential coverage for domestic partnership and health insurance. 

Consider Tax Implications

Understand the tax implications of the premiums and benefits.

Some policies offer tax advantages that can affect your business’s financial planning.

Work together with a financial advisor and your company accountant to optimise the financial impact of your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Partnership Protection Insurance be customised for different partnership sizes?

Yes, ‘Life of Another’ policies can work well for small partnerships, and ‘Own Life In Trust’ works well for larger groups. There is an arrangement that will suit your own business.

Does Partnership Protection Insurance cover temporary incapacity due to illness?

Regular policies typically do not cover temporary incapacity; however, adding critical illness cover might provide benefits in cases involving severe illness. 

Temporary absences are protected better by Income Protection.

What are the tax implications of Partnership Protection Insurance?

Generally, premiums are not tax-deductible, but the payout is usually tax-free​.

What is the typical duration for a Partnership Protection Insurance policy?

The policy term can vary, often set to coincide with the expected duration of the partnership or until the retirement age of the partners. 

It’s important to choose a term that aligns with the partnership’s long-term strategic plans​.

Can new partners be added to an existing Partnership Protection Insurance policy?

Yes, most policies allow for the addition of new partners. This might require a reassessment of the partnership’s value and adjustments to premium payments to reflect the changed risk profile​.

Are there any legal requirements when setting up Partnership Protection Insurance?

Yes, it is advisable to seek legal and tax advice when setting up a policy. Partnerships should also consider drafting a buy-sell agreement that details how the partners’ shares will be handled upon their death.

Partnership Insurance Protects More Than Your Business

Taking out Partnership Insurance on your partners protects your ongoing business in the event of their death. You’ll have stability, and can maintain your business during a stressful time. 

On the other hand, if anything happens to you, your own family will be looked after by your business partners, receiving a payout matching your value to the business. This tax-free payout can make a big difference to them.

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With Greenway Financial, choosing the right Partnership Protection Insurance requires a comprehensive evaluation of your business’s needs, a thorough comparison of policy features, alignment with buy-sell agreements, consideration of tax implications, and the guidance of professional advisors. Ensuring that your partnership is equipped with suitable insurance coverage will protect against financial disruptions due to unforeseen circumstances involving key partners.

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