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Types of UK Pensions Eligible for Transfer

Understanding which UK pensions can be transferred to Ireland is essential for effective financial planning. Generally, two main types are eligible:

  • Defined Contribution Pensions: This category includes personal pensions, stakeholder pensions, SIPPs, and certain workplace pensions. In these schemes, the pension value is based on contributions and investment performance.
  • Defined Benefit Pensions: Commonly known as final salary pensions, these offer a guaranteed income derived from your salary and service duration. They include occupational pensions and some public sector and workplace pensions.

Pension transfers are possible in most cases when the scheme taxation & how you can take your benefits are similar.

It’s important to note that certain UK pensions may not be eligible for transfer to Ireland. These include pensions already in payment, those with specific tax-free cash protections, and pensions under legal or financial constraints.

Under HMRC rules, you will need to transfer your UK pension into a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme, or QROPS. These schemes are specifically approved by the HMRC. 

For a detailed evaluation of your pension’s transferability and expert guidance, contact our team at Greenway Financial Advisors. We’re here to simplify the process, aligning it with your financial goals.


Benefits of Transferring Your UK Pension to Ireland

Transferring a UK pension to Ireland offers several advantages, enhancing your financial planning and retirement strategy:

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Streamline your retirement planning by consolidating various pension funds into one Irish pension scheme.

This simplification allows for easier management and clearer retirement income planning.

Currency Stability

Eliminate currency fluctuation risks. By converting your pension to euros, you secure a stable retirement income, free from the volatility of pound-to-euro exchange rates, and avoid currency conversion fees.

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Investment Control

Gain greater control over your pension investments. Enjoy a broader range of investment options tailored to your risk tolerance and financial goals, with the flexibility to switch schemes or providers as needed.

    Tax Efficiency

    Benefit from Ireland’s tax regulations. Take advantage of tax reliefs on contributions, and potentially lower tax liabilities on pension income. Irish pension schemes also offer the possibility of a tax-free lump sum upon retirement, subject to limits.

    What to Consider Before Transferring Your UK Pension?

    Transferring a UK pension to Ireland is a significant financial decision involving several critical considerations. Our service ensures you understand every aspect before proceeding.


    How Long Have You Been In Ireland?

    You need to have been in Ireland, and living outside of the UK for 10 years to be able to move your pension. This is because of UK HMRC regulations. Moving your pension before this point could leave you liable to UK taxation on your pension fund.

    Transfer Value Assessment

    The value of your UK pension and its transfer worth can vary based on market conditions and your pension provider’s calculations. We help you analyse whether the transfer value justifies the move compared to the benefits of your current UK pension scheme.

    UK Fund Analysis

    Before moving your UK pension, it’s important to understand the performance & investment you already have. You may want very similar investments, or a completely new strategy.

    Understanding Fees and Charges

    Transferring pensions involves various costs from both UK and Irish pension providers, as well as potential charges from pension transfer specialists. Our service includes a clear breakdown of these fees to avoid any surprises affecting your retirement income.

    Tax Implications

    A critical aspect of your pension transfer is understanding the tax implications. We’ll guide you through the essentials, including any transfer taxes associated with moving your pension to a QROPS scheme, and the impact on your income tax in Ireland. We also advise on potential tax reliefs and the conditions for receiving a tax-free lump sum from your Irish pension upon retirement.

    Adhering to Transfer Rules and Restrictions

    This includes understanding minimum age requirements, transfer deadlines, consent from your UK pension provider or employer, and any transfer limits.

    Evaluating Suitability and Performance

    Compare the benefits of your UK and Irish pension schemes, considering factors like income guarantees, investment risks, and flexibility.

    At Greenway Financial Advisors, we provide expert guidance through each of these considerations, ensuring your pension transfer aligns with your financial goals and circumstances.

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    How to transfer your pension? Step-by-step process

    If you have decided to transfer your UK pension to Ireland, here is a step-by-step process of how to do it:

    Step 1: Understand Your UK Pension

    Initiate your transfer by contacting your UK pension provider. Obtain a transfer value and a statement of benefits to understand your pension’s worth and associated benefits. Clarify any potential transfer penalties, charges, or consent requirements.

    Step 2: Consult with Our Specialists

    Book a complimentary consultation with Greenway Financial Advisors. Our UK pension transfer specialists will review your pension details, discuss your retirement goals, and provide insights on the benefits and considerations of transferring your pension to Ireland. We’ll outline the estimated transfer value, associated fees, taxes, and address any queries you might have.

    Step 3: Receive Personalised Recommendations

    After our consultation, we’ll present a detailed report with tailored recommendations for your pension transfer. Our transparent quote for the UK pension transfer service will help you make an informed decision without any obligation.

    Step 4: Professional Transfer Process

    Choose to proceed with us, and we’ll handle the details. We’ll collect necessary information and documents, select the best Irish pension scheme for you, and manage the entire transfer application process, ensuring seamless communication with both UK and Irish pension providers.

    Be prepared for the process to take longer than just setting up a new pension. There will be paperwork you need to fill personally for your UK pension, as your UK provider needs to ensure you’re moving to a safe & compliant scheme.

    Step 5: Finalisation and Ongoing Support

    Once the transfer is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation and an updated pension statement. Our team remains committed to reviewing your pension’s performance and advising on any future adjustments to keep your retirement plans on track.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I transfer my UK pension to Ireland?

    Yes, most Irish residents under the age of 70 can transfer their UK pensions to Ireland, with some restrictions. This includes various types of pensions like QROPS, SIPP, SSAS, DCs, and DBs.

    What is a QROPS and why is it important for transferring a UK pension to Ireland?

    A QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) is a pension scheme registered with HMRC in the UK and can accept pension transfers from the UK without triggering a tax charge. It’s essential for transferring a UK pension to Ireland to avoid potential tax penalties.

    Can I leave my UK pension in the UK if I move to Ireland?

    Yes, you have the option to leave your UK pension in the UK and take an income from it even if you move to Ireland. However, this might have tax and currency implications.

    Are the rules of transfer governed by the UK or Ireland?

    Any conditions or rules around your pension in the UK will be governed by that jurisdiction. However, the transfer procedures are fully recognized by Irish Revenue.

    Is it worth transferring my pension if I am near retirement?

    The decision to transfer your pension is personal and depends on various factors, including your retirement plans and financial situation. It’s recommended to seek advice from a qualified pension advisor.

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