Benefits of New Ireland Life Insurance

New Ireland was established in 1918, and was the first Irish-owned company to operate in Ireland. They provide Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection.

New Ireland offers the Life Choice range of protection products, covering protection for your life, your home, your income and your assets.

How New Ireland is different

from other life insurers

The Life Choice range of products can allow you to combine several types of policy together, such as income protection and life cover.

New Ireland is also the only insurer that provides for free Whole of Life cover, using their Whole of Life Continuation benefit. This is a type of term assurance where a benefit is still payable even after the term has ceased, and no more premiums are due to be paid.

Minimum Premium: €15 per month

Maximum Term: 40 years

Are children covered? Yes, for €4,000

Can I put my partner on the policy? Yes

Applicants must be:

  • 18-74 for beginning a Life Cover policy

Cover expires at:

  • 84 for Life Cover
  • N/A for Specified Illness Cover

Specified Illnesses Covered? No, this is not an option with New Ireland

  • N/A full payment
  • N/A partial payment

Children’s Specific Illness Cover? No, this is not an option with New Ireland

  • N/A on full payment illnesses
  • N/A on partial payment illnesses

Is there a Conversion option? Yes

  • Max age for Conversion is: 64

Rolling Conversion Option? Yes

Optional Flexibility? Yes

Guaranteed Insurability? Yes

Reinstatement? Yes

Temporary Accidental Death Benefit? Yes

Terminal Illness Benefit? Yes

Waiver of Premium Option? No

Other Benefits? No

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