Get Your Life Insurance Quote In 60 seconds

Why quote for life insurance?

Getting Life Insurance is not nice to think about. It’s something nobody really wants to do, but it’s a vital part of protecting your family and loved ones. Life insurance in its most basic form pays a lump sum on your death.

If you have a partner/spouse or any kids it is really important to make sure you leave them with some financial protection, if the worst was to happen to you.

When you are the primary income that others depend on you need some type of life insurance.

Do you have any debt, like mortgages?  Do you have large future expenses?

If your answer is yes it is important to cover your bases and get some quotes for life insurance. Future expenses can include paying for secondary school or third level education, contributing to weddings or helping with housing deposits.

There are loads of options for life insurance like illness cover, indexation and conversion and you can find out more about those life insurance options at our Life Insurance Glossary.