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Get free advice on life insurance. Protect your loved ones and secure their future.

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Pension Testimonial

Having stepped out of the PAYE system years ago I was a self-employed businesswoman building my profile and career independently…I let things slip, LIKE MY PENSION!

Adrian and the guys at Greenway were fantastic when I needed a financial advisor. I was met with a depth of knowledge, and a caring, professional approach to getting my set up with the best options for me.
-Martina F

Personal Financial Advice

I had the very good fortune of receiving some advice from Greenway Financial Advisor’s, their in-depth and knowledgeable advice was above and beyond what I had hoped for.

They were incredibly friendly, professional, efficient, and most importantly helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a financial advisor.
-Brendan L

Life Protection Testimonial

I recently changed my mortgage protection insurance with Greenway Financial Advisors. This was the easiest process of getting quoted and putting a policy in place that I have ever experienced.

Debbie was available at any time to answer my queries and she has great knowledge and expertise with the insurance products they offer and she didn’t blind me with jargon. I’m delighted to have found a financial advisor I can trust.
– Enid M

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How to avoid Inheritance Tax (Legally)

How to avoid Inheritance Tax (Legally)

How to avoid Inheritance tax (legally) Inheritance tax is something people forget about until it's too late. In 2018 revenue collected over €466.3 million from inheritance tax payments, but it can come as a shock during a time of bereavement. There are loads of ways...

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5 Tips You Need to Ask About Money

5 Tips You Need to Ask About Money

Do you feel like you have no control over your money? Knowing the right questions to ask about money is the key to taking control of your finances. From budgeting to saving for retirement, these 5 essential questions to ask about money management will help you take...

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What is business management?

What is business management?

Business management is a term lots of people search for. But what are they really looking for? Business management is the practice of leading a team or organisation to achieve success in the marketplace. It involves planning, organising, and directing the activities...

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How much is the state pension in Ireland

How much is the state pension in Ireland

As retirement approaches, one of the most pressing concerns is income. In Ireland, the state pension provides a regular source of income in later life. Understanding how much to expect is important when planning for the future. The amount paid out by the Irish state...

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Maximising your pension contributions in Ireland is a great way to provide you with an appropriate income for your retirement while reducing your tax bills. Indeed, it helps you invest a suitable amount of money into your pension and allows you to save money on taxes...

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