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Mortgage Protection from Zurich

Zurich offer great, well-rounded mortgage protection. They provide whole-of-life and term insurance plans to help protect your family in the event of death.They have also introduced Dual Life Cover, and are the only insurer offering a specific Cancer Cover product.

Zurich have some of the best options for mortgage protection in the Irish market and are well worth considering when getting quotes for your mortgage protection policy.

How is Zurich different from other insurers?

Zurich offer great value. They also provide Cancer Cover, and an advance Funeral Payment.

Zurich offers a choice of cover:

This gives you a choice over how you would like your policy to be fulfilled:

  • Level Term Cover: Your family will receive a one-off payment, should you die during the term of your policy. Your dependents could use this to live on for a period of time, or it could be used to pay for substantial costs such as childcare, college fees or medical bills.
  • Monthly Income Cover: Alternately, provides a guaranteed monthly payment from the time you die until the end of the policy term.

Zurich Long Term Care Conversion

This benefit gives you the option to convert any unwanted portion of the Life sum insured to a Long-term Care Benefit. This payment is made, until you recover or die, for a maximum of 50 months.

Zurich: Mortgage Protection

House Shield


Feature Answer
Minimum Premium: €10.10 per month
Minimum / Maximum Term 5 years / 40 years (depending on age)
Are children covered? No
Can I put my partner on the policy? Yes, Dual Life Cover is also available.
Applicants must be: 18-74 for beginning a mortgage protection policy.
Cover expires at:
  • 89 for Life Cover
  • 74 for Specified Illness Cover
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Specific Illnesses Covered?
  • Yes
  • 47 full payment illnesses/conditions

  • 22 partial payment illnesses/conditions, (the lower of €15,000, or half your cover)

Children's Specific Illness Cover?
  • Yes
  • The lower of €25,000, or half your cover, on full payment illnesses

  • The lower of €7,500, or half your cover, on partial payment illnesses

Is there a Conversion option?
  • Yes
  • Only the Long Term Care Conversion is available.

Rolling Conversion Option?
  • No
Optional Flexibility?
  • No
Guaranteed Insurability?
  • Yes
  • Yes
Temporary Accidental Death Benefit?
  • Yes
Terminal Illness Benefit?
  • Yes
Waiver of Premium Option?
  • Yes
Other Benefits?
  • No
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