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Start saving for your pension today. You’re the best person to plan for your retirement, and right now is the right time. Pension contributions start from €25 per a month. Save money on your income tax by getting tax relief on pension contributions. 

Start Building For Your Retirement Now

How much do you think you’ll need in retirement? Not just to survive, but to live well?

Many of us avoid this question, but start now. If the maximum State Pension is €1,222.49 per month, how much will you be short by? Let’s start working to close this gap.

Revenue will also give you a valuable Tax Relief on money you contribute to your pension. You can provide for your future, and make savings on your taxes. We’ll show you how.

Greenway can help you check your options. Don’t despair – even if you think it’s too late. There are ways of boosting your pension contributions to recover lost ground. Talk to us today.

Why Get Pension Advice From A Broker?

Brokers can evaluate the market for you. We use our expertise to ensure you know the right product for your circumstances.


State Pension

The State Pension will provide a basic minimum income. Currently, this is €248.30 per week, for someone with full PRSI contributions, or €12,911.60 per year. This is also slightly less than 33% of the average industrial wage in Ireland.


Private Pensions Options

Private pension provision will give you several options to replace your income when you retire.  There are three types to choose from:

  • Retirement Annuity Contracts (RACs)
  • Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs)
  • Occupational Pension Schemes (through your employer)
Benefits Of Private Pension Provisions

For a start, the government really wants you to use them, and that means that there are tax incentives with these products. So, what are these incentives?

  • Tax Relief on your contributions
  • Tax-Free Investment Returns
  • A Tax-Free Lump Sum at Retirement
Pension Companies We Advise On

We currently provide advice on Pension Products from Irish Life, New Ireland, and Zurich.

I'm Worried I Don't Have Time To Fix This

Everyone’s pension is different. If you’re worried about whether you’ve made enough Social Insurance contributions for a full State Pension, or that you can’t afford to start contributing now, Greenway can help you to examine your situation and will present solutions that can help you. Ask about our Complete Financial Review today.

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