Christmas Business Operations Checklist

Christmas Business Operations Checklist

It’s that time of the year again. After a difficult trading year for many businesses in Ireland, make sure you are ending the year in a managed and organised way. We’ve written down some of the important issues you need to look at with our Christmas Business Operations Checklist.

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1. Collect Money & Plan January

Make sure you are collecting any money that is due to you. If you’re not active in clearing debtors before you close for the Christmas holidays it will be mid-January before payments will come in. Don’t let other businesses use your cash flow for their benefit.

Now is the time to start planning your first couple of weeks back after the Christmas break. Having a healthy confirmed work pipeline will protect your sales in January and makes sure your cash reserves won’t take a hit.  

2. Christmas Opening Times

Have you planned what hours your business will be open over Christmas? Make sure you update your website, google business profile and any social media profiles with accurate opening times.

If you are working continuously with a group of the customers make sure that you ring and tell them when you will be closed. This is a good opportunity to touch base with your customers, catch up on any quotes that didn’t materialise over the year and tell them any news about your business.

Has your business done any of the following this year:

  • Added new staff?
  • Any new positions created?
  • Investment you have made in your business?
  • New systems that improve your efficiency?

3. Premises, Fleets & Phones

If your business has a premise, who is responsible for checking is it locked and secured before the holidays?

Does someone need to check the building over the holidays to collect the post, and check everything is secure?

If you have company vehicles and staff take them home for Christmas will they be safe? If you have valuable tools & stock carried in vehicles empty them.

If vehicles are stored at the company premises keep them separated in the event of a fire so that you don’t lose your fleet.

Make sure your office phones are redirected to your mobile. If you are not redirecting phones make sure your voicemail has details on when you reopen.

Do you need to provide an emergency service to clients how can they contact you? Make sure you have a number of alternative ways for clients to contact you.

Have you checked the following:

  • Company Vehicles.
  • Premises secured.
  • Emergency phone numbers are in place.
  • Out of office email and redirection setup.
  • Office lines redirected.

If you are a service provider like a plumber or electrician do you need to arrange to have staff on call? If you are keeping some staff members working to meet customer demand, make sure you allow all staff members some time off around Christmas.

Don’t forget about yourself, we all need a break from work. Now is the time to plan out your rosters for the Christmas period.

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4. Match the industry holidays

Remember, it can be more efficient to close your business over a longer period if it suits your industry. This gives all staff a decent holiday and uses up any remaining holiday days.

It will also give you some time to organise your business for 2022. Make sure you get financial and operational issues sorted before you start back in 2022. Every business we work with plans out a number of items annually.

Check and see if you have the following completed for 2022:

  1. Business Budget for 2022.
  2. Sales tracking and forecasting for 2022.
  3. Sales pipeline for 2022.
  4. 90-day plan for 1st of January 2022 – 1st April 2022.

5. Christmas bonuses for staff

Are there some key staff members that you need to look after? Make sure you show your appreciation to your employees for all their work over the last 12 months.

Employee tax free vouchers

You can give out tax-free vouchers to staff up to a value of €500 per employee. Some businesses give varying amounts to staff depending on the contribution they have made during the year.

It’s better for staff relationships to have a structure for the amount you give. (based on length of service or work performance) that way everyone knows what they got was fair. Don’t kid yourself, staff discuss among themselves how much they got.

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  • No time to Strategise And Plan.
  • Working 60+ Hours Per Week And Never Catch Up.

6. Customer Christmas Gifts

Do you need to give a Christmas present to your best customers? Giving a present to good customers is very worthwhile. It gives you an opportunity to meet your customer. Say thank you for their business this year and secure new business for next year.

No customer is going to refuse to meet you when they know you are coming with a Christmas present. You need to decide what kind of present you going to give.

Getting bottles of wine or spirits is the easy route, but it might be better to put some thought into different presents that make your business stand out. Make sure whatever you give them, you mark or sticker the present with your name and company. This makes sure they remember that you gave them something.

Debbie Cheevers

Debbie Cheevers

Qualified Financial Advisor

Debbie was born in Dublin and graduated from NCAD with a degree in Visual Communication. She brings a strong customer services background to Greenway.

Debbie qualified as APA in 2017 and a fully qualified financial advisor (QFA) in 2018.

She believes that product knowledge is key to helping customers make the right choices.