It’s tempting to try to fill out your life insurance or mortgage protection forms as fast as possible. It’s easy isn’t it? Like an exam on yourself, so how could you get it wrong? One little mistake, however, could create big problems in the future.

If you have to make a claim, if any information is found to be wrong, your insurer could refuse to pay the claim. One small mistake in your form could have far-reaching consequences.

The same is true for consciously submitting wrong information, such as date of birth or smoking history. Your proposal form is a legal contract, and both parties are meant to enter into in ‘utmost good faith’. This means no deception or incorrect information, on either side.

The most important thing is to take your time when filling the form. It’s tempting to fill the online forms out on a smart phone, but they can be hard to manipulate. Choose a moment when you have the time to fill a long form, and you can properly see all the information you need to give.

Our online forms allow you to see clearly, in small sections, everything that you need to answer. We have information boxes to explain the terms, and you can chat with us through our chat-boxes as you complete the form.