That’s a brilliant quote! So much cheaper than what you’re paying. You should definitely change your policy, shouldn’t you?

Take a deep breath, and check a few things first:

How old is your current policy?

– The terms you were given for your original policy were based on the age you were when you applied. If your policy has gotten older, you have too. Increasing age, and any new medical conditions that have emerged since your first policy began could all increase the price of this new quote.

Do you know how this new policy will measure up against your current one?

– Sometimes insurers will change their policies, create new products, and retire older ones. Your existing policy could be great, if a little dusty.

If you’ve decided to shop around for better value on your existing protection products, you’ll need to check what you currently have in place. There’s more to your policies than the cost per month, and a financial review is an important part of this process.

Insurance Brokers can compare the available quotes, and give you more information about products, but they can also decipher the current policy you have. A broker always works for you, the customer, and a good broker will tell you when you shouldn’t change a policy too.

You can check our current quotes now, and if you have any questions about what you have, and if it’s time for a change, you can ask us anything.