What Is A Greenway Financial Review?

by | Sep 30, 2019

What is A Greenway Financial Review?

It’s different for everyone. When you speak to Greenway, we’ll ask you about your situation, and work on 3 main priorities. You might have very specific questions, and we’ll answer those too. Your Financial Review will be highly personalised, to help you work on longterm and shortterm plans.

Why get a Financial Review?

Getting a financial review is a great way of creating a roadmap or plan for where you want your personal finances to end up. We all have different goals in mind for our future, whether it’s buying our first home, managing debt, saving for a rainy day or planning for retirement.

A financial review allows you to put these hopes and fears in perspective and gives you a realistic plan to stick to. It also can save you money by suggesting a variety of actions or pitfalls to avoid.

Working with a financial advisor also means you’re not on your own. They will help and support you as much as possible.

Financial Review Step 1: We ask your concerns

Step 1

We Ask For Your Main Concerns

For Example:

Dave & Eithne are 34, engaged & renting together. They want to know about buying a house, getting married, and whether to start a pension. It’s easy to say ‘yes, do all of these things!’

Dave & Eithne really want to know how to do these things, and how it will affect them financially.

Financial Review Step 2: Your current situation

Step 2

We assess your current situation in total

We’ll ask for income & expenditure details, and any information that allows us to understand your situation better. We’ll build our models and advice from this info.

For Example:

Dave & Eithne would give us details of their wages, rent & bills, together with their savings & the kind of property they hope to buy.

Financial Review Step 3: Opportunities & Difficulties

Step 3

We analyse opportunities & difficulties

We’re Qualified Financial Advisors, and use our expertise to look at your situation. We’ll show you how to manage any pitfalls between you and your goals, and advise you.

For Example:

Dave & Eithne may not realise that they haven’t been saving long enough for their mortgage at present. They could also be pleasantly surprised at how their income tax will be affected by marriage. This will all help their long-term savings.

We’ll also provide David & Eithne with a series of budgets, showing how they can boost their savings before their mortgage application, save for their wedding, and continue with a less strenuous savings plan longterm.  

Financial Review Step 4: We Advise you

Step 4

We advise you on how to achieve your goals

You’ll be provided with a highly tailored report. This will show you the path to your goals, clearly explained scenarios, and advice.

For Example:

Dave & Eithne will know:

  • How to prepare their finances for their mortgage application
  • Tax implications of marriage & pension contributions
  • What their future savings history will look like
  • What protection they will need to secure their futures, and how this fits into their budgets

How do we conduct your Financial review?

Financial Review by phone

by phone

Financial Review by email

by email

Financial Review online


What Do We Ask?

  • Your priorities and goals
  • Your current situation
  • Financial & life details

What Do We Do With Your Info?

We analyse your situation in relation to your goals. We will only ask for information relevant to providing advice. All your information is stored and collected in accordance with GDPR.

What Do You Receive From Us?

  • A Visual Financial Review, roughly 8-12 pages
  • Breakdown of your questions
  • Summary of your situation.
  • Shortlist of your 3 main concerns
  • Models and examples related to your situation
  • Our Analysis
  • Our Advice & How you can apply it

Contact Greenway to Begin your financial review now

We specialise in finding out answers to your queries, and giving personalised advice. Call us on 01 853 2727, or contact us below:

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Debbie Cheevers

Debbie Cheevers

Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) & Technician Member of the Irish Taxation Institute

Debbie was born in Dublin and graduated from NCAD with a degree in Visual Communication. She brings a strong customer service background to Greenway.

Debbie qualified as APA in 2017 and a fully qualified financial advisor (QFA) in 2018. She believes that product knowledge is key to helping customers make the right choices.

In 2022 Debbie gained a tax qualification as a Technician Member of the Irish Taxation Institute.

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