Online Brokers and Mortgage Protection Savings

Is Mortgage Protection through a broker different to the Mortgage Protection offered by your bank? Online brokers can help make you some significant money and time savings on your mortgage protection. There are a number of key differences between your online broker and your bank when you’re shopping for mortgage protection. The most important one Read More

Funeral Insurance For Over 50s

What is Funeral Insurance? Funeral Insurance can be a number of things. It’s essentially a life insurance policy that pays out on death, with the sum being used to cover some or all of the funeral costs and expenses. Some policies exist purely to pay funeral expenses, such as the policy historically offered by the Read More

Mortgage Protection – Make A Saving In Your 50s

What do Generation X and Baby Boomers have in common? You probably got Mortgage Protection before it was cool, like a lot of other things. This means there’s a chance you got your policy while it was more expensive too. The cost of life insurance is getting lower for level term policies, due to increases Read More

Switch Your Mortgage Protection Policy

That’s a brilliant quote! So much cheaper than what you’re paying. You should definitely change your policy, shouldn’t you? Take a deep breath, and check a few things first: How old is your current policy? – The terms you were given for your original policy were based on the age you were when you applied. Read More

Group vs Individual Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection policies break into two groups. Group policies and Individual policies. There are some serious differences between the two. Find out about Group vs Individual Mortgage Protection. If you’re currently looking buying a house, then you know that everyone is full of advice. 6 or 8 kitchen chairs? Separate dryer? Open plan kitchen? We can’t Read More

Mortgage Protection & Taking Your Time: Don’t Let Them Rush You.

When you’re buying a home, it can feel like the process will never end. Saving, viewings, mortgage applications, and an avalanche of paperwork. Important decisions can be rushed and pushed with biased advice. Mortgage Protection is one of those things that can get left out until near the end of the process. Mortgage protection explained? Read More