Tending & cutting back:

Looking After What Matters

1. Protect Your Loved Ones.

2. Moving Up The Property Ladder.

3. Switching & Saving On Insurance Products.

4. Save On Taxes & Maximise Your Pension.

5. Helping Your Parents.

1. protect Your Loved Ones

An expanding family and greater responsibilities means that you have a lot to worry about. It’s time to review your protection, and make sure that your life insurance will protect the life you have right now. 

2. Moving up the property ladder

You’ve done it before, now it’s time to do it again. Get advice on how to apply and upgrade your home. We know you’re strapped for time, and we’ll do what we can to help you streamline the process.

3. Switching and saving on insurance products

Not only do you change over time, insurance products do too. The best option you had 10 years ago may have a new, cheaper alternative, or your circumstances and needs may have changed. You could get the same cover for a better price, or a product that fits your current needs.

4. Save on taxes while building your pension

If you’re currently contributing to a pension, you need to make sure you’re benefiting from your tax relief. The amount of tax relief you’re entitled to depends on your age, so while you’re thinking about increasing your contributions, or even starting your pension, we can advise you on claiming your appropriate relief. 

5. Maximising your pension

Some of us choose our pension, and some of us get a pension set up through work. If you’ve got a work-related pension that you haven’t thought about in a while, we can help you structure your personal budget to really get the best out of it. 

6. Helping your parents

Many of us will find ourselves helping older relatives, whether long or short term. While it’s a stressful situation, there are ways to structure your finances to relieve some of the burden. It’s also a opportunity to help them take stock of their own financial situation, and Greenway can help. 

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