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Managing Your Money

Managing your money is crucial for your success at saving, but what does it mean? Do a search for ‘spending diary’, or ‘what I spent this week’. I would argue that out of the 790,000,000 or so results your search engine will turn up, you’ll get a lot of figures, but...

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The Best Mortgage Protection Policy 2019

Which is the best policy? There’s no simple answer to the question, but here’s how the policies we offer compare. You’ll find the best choice for you. Greenway Financial Advisors currently arranges policies with Irish Life, New Ireland, Royal London,...

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How Tax Reliefs Can Help You Save

Savings can take a while. Don’t become disheartened, tax reliefs could be a way to increase your savings quicker. If your savings are building slowly, don’t be tempted to spend €4 on a lottery ticket. Revenue might be able to help you supercharge your...

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Financial Planning for Millennials

How Financial Planning can help cash-strapped Millennials: There are plenty of times when we wonder if we’ll ever feel like adults. Financial Planning is a thing that makes us all feel like kids not sure of what we are supposed to do. If you’re part of the...

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Is Online Life Insurance Safe?

There have been some discussions in the news recently. Is your online life insurance safe? The Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman released their Overview of Complaints and Digest of Decisions in March 2019. It’s a fantastic set of anecdotes and...

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Explaining Income Protection And Long-Term Renting

Whether you think rent is dead money, or a mortgage is lodestone around your neck, the chances are you’ll spend a long time renting. A recent article in the Independent says renters are incredibly vulnerable, post-banking crash. Can Income Protection help? If...

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Inheritance Mortgage Protection and Life Insurance

Who to name as beneficiary when dealing with Mortgage Protection and Life Insurance is important. It depends on the type of product, and what you need to use it for. Inheritance Mortgage Protection Your Mortgage Protection policy is assigned to the lender. They...

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Changing Your Mortgage Protection – Is It Worth It?

Can changing my Mortgage Protection really make a saving? It can. When the newspapers advise you to make a switch, they mention savings of €2,000 to €7,000 over the life of the policy. Obviously, these are averaged figures, with some people saving a little, and others...

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Co-Habitation and Mortgage Protection

It’s fine to not get hitched… Weddings are extremely expensive. You and your partner made the right choice not to do it. You’re building a life that isn’t just about one day, and you’re very committed. You even have a house together! With...

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